A commited start into the new year: Eight social projects simultaneously mobilize 240 helpers.

To commit time for social projects and support may be easier said than done. Of course, you could donate some money… someone will take care of the rest, probably. But what’s in it for you? What remains? Usually, it’s an uncertain feeling that only a fraction of the donation actually reached its goal… maybe not at all.

As part of our client’s annual kick-off event, 250 employees travelled from all over the country to Germany’s “Florence on the Elbe”. On January 11th, this established pharmaceutical company wanted to leave something sustainable behind in Dresden.

How could this be accomplished?

The Helpcentives approach was simple, creative and convincing: Integrate employees and make donation giving a personal and unique experience with less focus on the materialistic.

The entire group was divided up into eight exciting projects. We visited retirement homes, an establishment for people with special needs, two large refugee homes, as well as homes for troubled youths. Each project was geared towards the exact needs of each location.

We painted, sanded, screwed, drilled, hammered, sawed, pushed wheel chairs, stomped through snow, slipped, grilled and cleaned everything up again. Most importantly, we listened and opened our eyes to their reality which we normally would not be able to understand or see on a daily basis.


By the end of the four hour Helpcentives program we had had a positive yet thought-provoking experience. The full motivation of the new business year was spurred on by the knowledge that “as a Team we are unbeatable”. Phrases such as “we are also creating something that was initially unimaginable” were used at the end of the day and also repeated in the plenum.   

The bottom line is that a group of work colleagues escaped their daily lives for a few hours, to help those who can no longer help themselves in a meaningful and sustainable manner. The team fulfilled concrete wishes and got an insight into the lives of the refugees, who have made a lasting impression.   

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