Christmas donation events: It’s the personal touch that counts!

Especially during Christmas season we are inclined to spread joy and help those around us. Many organisations take advantage of this time of year to collect much needed donations. So, how do you motivated people to donate and how do you return that satisfying feeling of having helped someone? With a small event and the personal touch! Our Helpcentives mirror this philosophy at every turn and the organisation Straßenblues (Street Blues) initiated an awesome project for the homeless!

The organisation Straßenblues [] supports the (previously) homeless. They encourage people’s diverse talents, support the realization of their ideas, give them a voice and even fulfill a “Street Wish” every now and then.

2015 was the first year they initiated a campaign called “StrassenWEIHNACHTSWUNSCH” (Street Christmas Wish) [] and asked homeless people about their Christmas wishes. On top of the video from Hamburg, featuring five homeless people, they also collected wish lists from different homeless shelters and published them online. This enabled people to help and brighten a homeless person’s holiday simply by giving a gift. One special feature about this campaign: You were able to hand over the present personally!


On the 13th of December, 2015, Straßenblues realized an event for about 300 homeless people and citizens from Hamburg. Coffee and cake brought people together and over 100 gifts were personally handed over.

During many campaigns it’s easy to lose track of where your donations actually end up. This is to be expected due to the usually very large logistical efforts it takes to organize everything. On the other hand, an event focused on the personal touch is a great motivator for people to continue donating time and money in the future. This way they can see and feel the joy of the recipient. A small but powerful gesture – for the homeless as well as the donating person!

After such amazing results, Straßenblues repeated the event in 2016. If you feel like participating, there are still plenty of unfulfilled wishes left [http//]!

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