Corporate Health – the new trend for trade fairs and events

As discussed in a previous blog, our society is shaped by so-called “megatrends”. People change over time and often trends begin to emerge that affect everyone sooner or later.

One of these trends is living a healthy life style, above all in a business context. In the past people could count on recognition, based on who worked the hardest, this has now been replaced with terms such as work-life balance, sabbatical and 30 hour weeks. Work hard, play hard may be a bold statement aiming to justify overwork and unpaid overtime – but in the long run, a life style like this makes you ill and lowers your levels of productivity.

Extremely popular with young employees

Above all, younger employees look at corporate culture and the general business climate in their job search. Employers are increasingly required to offer employees appropriate health care. Companies that require their employees to work long hours sitting at desks can make a great contribution to their workers well-being by purchasing height-adjustable desks and offering yoga or back exercises. Even small things can make an employer attractive such as secure and covered bicycle sheds.

It’s also worthwhile to look closely at food: What is offered in the office canteen? In addition to a vegetarian or even vegan option, many find it important to know where the ingredients for their meals comes from. Through varied and healthy eating options in the canteen, companies help their workforces maintain a healthy lifestyle which ultimately has a positive impact on the sickness absence rate as well as job performance. Healthy and happy employees are loyal, productive and naturally contribute to the positive image of a company.

What does this trend mean for your event?

Spending evenings having a few drinks at the bar to winddown is not only unhealthy but also quite old school and doesn’t fit with the new, health aware generation. Whether conferences, trade fairs, meetings or workshops: organizers are well advised to take a breather between all the input.

The course has served its purpose

As observed and enjoyed by our team at IMEX 2017 in Las Vegas, micro-mediation sessions are a wonderful way to internalize what you have heard and to create space in your mind for new momentum. In addition, activities like these can contribute to team building and allow for the team to better grow together.

Another good idea: make intense conferences playful and interactive. The traditional lecture formats have become obsolete in the corporate environment, which has been proven again and again by formats such as TED or by product presentations from major technology companies. Anyone who interacts with the presented content recalls more information than after a classic lecture. In addition, interaction means (mental) movement and that, in turn, is good for our health.

Breaks for tired legs and minds

On the other hand, it is important to have enough places to take a breather and relax at a big trade fair if you are on your feet all day long. Smart phone free quiet areas with comfortable furniture and newspapers or play areas with puzzles for adults, patience games or Lego are a welcomed change from the hectic fair.

When you are planning for your next event make sure to include health components. Your participants will welcome the change and will have a positive memory of your event. We are happy to help with the planning and execution of your next event – contact us.

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