Refugee home volunteer initiative – Making a difference and giving back!

On December, 15th it was finally ready. After careful planning and preparation we found ourselves together with over 30 volunteers representing different companies out of the Munich area in the refugee home on Hofmannstr. 51 in Munich Obersendling.

Our goal was to create a community room with furniture made of euro palettes by our group. Not only did we build 2 large comfy sofas,including a matching coffee table, but also an illuminated book shelf, which is intended for educational books to help the residents advance in the future.

On top of that, we built a four piece stage on wheels for the existent musical and theatrical interests. We hope that the new furniture will have a positive effect on the atmosphere within this community. We also painted the hallway in warm colors and creative shapes and added little pictograms with terms in German, English and native languages spoken by this make-shift neighborhood. The evening ended witha feast of traditional dishes prepared by the residents themselves.


We want to thank everyone who was involved with this project. On one hand, everybody who donated towards the accumulated amount of 3850€, which we used to purchase all the needed materials. On the other hand, especially all the volunteers, who showed up with their own tools, after a regular day of work, to add another 3 hours to help and make these people feel welcome.

We were definitely able to see the potential within companies and their employees during social projects and how it promotes team work and group coordination. It opens new perspectives for the indiviuals and as a result produces added value for the company itself. 

In the end, we’re left with beautiful memories, happy faces and the certainty of having helped people in need.


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