Megatrends and their meaning in regards to the event industry

The event industry, much like the rest of the communication sector, is subject to stylish trends and hypes. To keep the visitors, partners and clients interested in their brand or product, companies constantly have to think of new ideas. Many trends come and go within a few months or even weeks. Keeping your finger on the pulse, not lose connection, is an important part of day-to-day business.

But what about long term trends? Which trends have been going on for years or decades and what do they mean in regard to our daily life, our work and our needs? The Zukunftsinstitut, one of the ground-breaking think tanks in Germany, has named these “megatrends”. This article will reveal what this means and why they are so important for the event industry.

What are megatrends?

Megatrends are long-term social trends that change our lives slowly but in a fundamental way. These changes last for several decades and have a worldwide effect. They deal with global phenomenon such as urbanisation, digitalisation, neo-ecology and mobility. To be able to understand them, you have to look at how your own life has changed over time. Which values were important to you in the past and are no longer as important?

What have these got to do with events?

It is important to understand the direction in which the personality structure of society changes when looking at megatrends in the context of your own marketing. Your own communication as well as the events you organize, are subject to the constant change of society just like yourself. We will briefly present to you the megatrends that will present themselves in your event planning in one way or another.

Digital networking and connectivity

People are more organized at networking than ever before. We always find ourselves in contact with others. Our preferences, what moves us and our consumer actions, are more transparent than ever before. The smart phone being the universal communication device never leaves our side. The Zukunftsinstitut calls this megatrend “connectivity”.

sets means that communication strategies can be even more targeted to the needs of consumers. Successful communication and networking with customers and partners is the core of every successful event. Whoever doesn’t take advantage of the digital possibilities offered to us by the Internet and smartphone (for example an app to accompany the event) has not heard the sirens.

Safety: a new key topic for events

More connectivity calls for more security in all areas. At this point in time large events are target points for terrorism. There is an increased need for organizers to have a broader security concept intertwined in their planning, increasing the costs of monitoring equipment and security personnel. The megatrend of security doesn’t only apply to our personal life but also to our business.

Catering? Yes, but only organic!

Ten years ago, organic products were still a niche topic for hippies who shopped at health stores. This can no longer be said today. The megatrend neo-ecology is now a central topic in society.

This affects the catering requirements at events. Companies and participants are increasingly demanding that the catering is regional and organic rather than “just” creative and fancy.

My event – as original as me

One of the obvious megatrends is individualisation. Authenticity and hand-made and not only “en vogue” but a requirement for many. Self-realisation and optimisation are taking the place of old values and traditions.

The advertising sector has also reacted to this. Target group specific online adverts; micro targeting and personalised speech in social media are the results of this. At events, participants are excited by any kind of personal attention they receive.

At events, it is often not possible to approach each participant individually. The task is to give the whole event an individual touch. Are you hosting the same training event in more than one city? Change the decorations to the colour of each city’s coat of arms. Is the topic of your congress rather heavy? Add exciting touches with small things such as individually designed nametags, colourful chairs so that everyone is unique or add impressive projections.

How can companies react to these megatrends?

me as a consumer/ user/ customer? Your own alignment is often a good way to sift through the thousands of opinions on how to make an individual product work in society.

If sustainability and environmental awareness are important to you, let your customer know. If you are interested in new technical equipment, use them at your events. Follow you intuition – products and services that are presented with a personal touch will certainly get a positive response from the right target group.

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