Promoting CSR in the advertising industry: Team Seefried Group on the jury board of the PSI sustainability award 2017

Sustainability and social responsibility are not exotic topics anymore but are also a cornerstone of modern corporate management. Using resources in a meaningful and efficient way to better the environment is just as important as maintaining a positive working climate, interpersonal respect, family friendly working schedules and the prevention of discrimination and exclusion.

The PSI Sustainability award was founded three years ago by Reed Exhibitions and has the goal of strengthening companies in the adverting industry, who are really pushing the issue of CSR to strengthen their involvement.

Team Seefried Group on the jury again

 The jury meeting for this year’s award was held on the 23rd of June in Dusseldorf. Eight experts from the advertising industry, as well as CSR affiliated companies, came together to discuss and evaluate the numerous submissions. This year Team Seefried Group was present again on the jury board. Martin Bahnemann, project manager of our CSR brand Helpcentives, put forward our many years of expertise in the planning and organising of CSR events and appropriate advertising media.

Boundaries vanish – in every respect

The conclusion from our point of view: It is incredibly interesting to see how much the advertising industry have now opened up to the issue of CSR. Many well-established manufacturers and distributors have improved their business and product portfolio. Start-ups are pushing the market and put sustainability and fairness at the centre of their actions. The boundaries between social involvement and core business are disintegrating. In terms of content, initiatives for employees and people in the immediate business environment, are just as much in the forefront as recycling and upcycling, innovative and environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing methods.

In addition to this, there has also been increasing internationalization: this year there were participants not only from Germany but also from Switzerland and the Netherlands. Products and initiatives have been implemented in countries such as Kenya, India and Spain.

All in all, it was a very exciting day with wonderful submissions! Now, however, we must still have a little patience. The winners of the PSI Sustainability Award 2017 will be announced after the summer holidays on September the 8th, in a festive award ceremony in Wiesbaden.

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