Successful convention event pitch!

We are very excited that we were able to mark down another successful pitch this year for the Wienerberger GmbH convention event at the BAU 2017 in Munich.

The Wienerberger GmbH is part of the international Wienerberger AG, which has its headquarters in Vienna. The German subsidiary is the leading provider of heat stemming and containing brick and mortar systems. With their main office in Hannover, they are operating 18 plants nationwide.

Our office in Munich was able to pull ahead of a competitor based out of Hannover. This pitch was especially important to us, since we are now handling the Wienerberger convention party for the sixth year in a row.

Our concept with the Wappenhalle as a new location and our catering partner Käfer convinced again. On top of that, our IT-Unit will be taking care of everything from online invites, registration and attendee management all the way to the accredidation on location.

We’re looking forward to a great project in January, and are especially happy about the fact that Wienerberger GmbH entrusted us again with their event for another year.

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