Sustainability guaranteed – we’re staying on top of it!

Last week, one of our team members went to Marrakech and took the opportunity to visit one of our Helpcentives projects which we implemented together with a client two years earlier.

With a group of 40 people we had worked in Taourirt, a Berber village in the Atlas mountains, for two whole days. To access this village its residents have to cross a river bed which floods regularly during the winter months. During this time the village is difficult or even impossible to access. To remedy this situation and ensure year round access to the village, our Helpcentives team took part of the group and built a solid and dependable bridge. Furthermore, we built a pre-school for the local children, which has since prepared a third year of students for elementary school. We also built a playground and provided the kids with all necessary school basics such as backpacks, uniforms, pens and other stationary supplies.

How nice it was to observe how well the school has been cared for by its employees and the villagers! The feeling of gratitude was able to be felt even two years after the completion of this project, which lead to quite a few positively charged emotional moments. “Our” bridge even withstood last years floods which many other old bridges fell victim to.

We would like to take this moment and sincerely thank everyone who was involved in this project. Also deserving of thanks is our local partner in Marocco, Travel Link, who has supported  us and continues to support us with free transport to Taourirt.

It is important to us here at Helpcentives that all completed projects are being taken care of and sustained. To ensure this, we conduct unannounced visits to all sites. We also send annual status reports with pictures to our clients at no extra charge.

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