The Strategic Meeting Management Program (SMMP)

The Strategic Meeting Management Program (SMMP) is the name of organization-wide management of meetings and events. It includes data analysis, strategy and implementation. The derived measures help companies to achieve significant savings while ensuring participant satisfaction.

In this article, we would like to give you a brief overview of what an SMM can do, for which companies it is particularly suited to, what advantages it brings and also the requirements to implement it successfully.

Who is SMMP worthwhile for?

For companies that hold many meetings, seminars, workshops and other events, centralized and standardized project management and controlling can have a very positive impact. Intelligent data management and unified processes, which also ensure structure and reliability in the events themselves, can result in cost savings of up to 25%.

What must a SMMP be able to do?

The operational tasks of an SMMP include: creating an easy-to-understand accounting and organizational process for employees, the negotiation with service providers such as hotels, meeting venues and engineering companies, being areas where not only the most costs are incurred, but also a lot of time resources are lost. Here, a unification helps to save time as well as reducing the costs for all participants.

At a strategic level, an SMMP will be used to implement new company-wide guidelines on issues such as data maintenance, unified work processes in event management, and guidelines for employees travel behaviour.

An example:

A company tries to use a SMMP to break down all meetings into their individual parts and to implement them in the most structured way possible with predefined service partners. For this purpose, an online platform is launched, in which the company adds all existing suppliers and processes in order to provide the entire workforce with identical conditions.

For the conference manager, the organization of the conference becomes pleasant and less time consuming due to the use of this platform, through which all necessary steps can be carried out. At the same time, the conference details will be transparent to the controlling department.

What are the advantages of a Strategic Meeting Management Program?

Great events and meetings with sustainable content are essential for a company’s success and positively influence the identification and motivation of employees and customers. There are many advantages of having a functioning meeting management program:

Network interfaces

Good meeting consolidation programs are designed to source and merge data from different areas and software programs. This unified information then serves as the basis for decision making in regards to purchasing, controlling and also in operations.

Minimalize risks

Professional meeting management helps to prevent employees, who lack experience in event bookings, from signing contracts that have not been sufficiently audited or that are detrimental to the company.

Ensure quality

Creating guidelines and conditions for all company meetings reduces the preparation, implementation and follow-up error rate. This has a positive effect on the overall quality of the meetings. Professionally organized events are well received by the participants and save the organizers’ time and energy as well as company spending.

What are the mandatory requirements for the introduction of a SMM?

It creates a designation challenge: Strategic Meeting Management is not just a new tool that can easily be added to the management toolbox. In fact, to structure the organization of meetings and other events in such a way that the desired time and cost savings are achieved for all parties involved, means that the introduction of SMM must be well prepared and planned. Success is only guaranteed if everyone works together.

Therefore, it is important to communicate continuously and clearly during the preparation. Involve all relevant departments of the company at the early stages of preparation to identify and remove any pitfalls and communication problems. Ask yourself which processes and frameworks already exist.

Only when all the information has been collected, will you be able to formulate a structure and optimize. At the same time, new processes that apply to the entire company and are mandatory from the point of introduction must be defined.

Why do an SMMP with Team Seefried Group?

With the Team Seefried Group you have an experienced partner at your side that can draw on many years of experience in the implementation of individual SMM programs. In addition to strategic consulting, we can offer a highly flexible solution for data analysis, cost recording, supplier management, reporting, payment solutions, subscriber management, event apps and many other features with our meetingbox software.
We can gladly explain the individual steps of implementing a SMMP during a one-on-one meeting.

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